About Us

me-2014-200Hi, my name is Sheldon Nesdale.

I live in Tauranga, New Zealand and I am fascinated with the business concept of “daily deals”.

In July 2009 I started a list of New Zealand “One Day Deal Websites” which has become very popular. I have an Australian version too, and now this USA version.

My objective is to list ALL the American Daily Deal websites.

Yes, there are hundreds, so what I will do is divide them up into categories and shuffle the crappy ones to the bottom of these lists to make your day easier.

You couldn’t possibly sign up for all the Daily Deal websites so instead, check my lists everyday and click on your favourites and have a look at ones that I recommend.


Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing First 2009 Ltd
c/o BaseStation, 148 Durham St
Tauranga 3110
New Zealand.