How do I get my Daily Deal business on one of your lists?

If you love Daily Deals as much as I do and you’ve spotted a new Daily Deal website before I have, then please add it to the comments below.

If you own a Daily Deal website and if you would like free visitors from every day, then all you have to do is meet the following criteria:

  1. Is your website dedicated to daily deals?
  2. or is your website a large e-commerce shopping sites with a “daily deal” tacked on?Ā  If so, do you have a dedicated webpage for daily deals? Are the other products in your range tucked away so they aren’t in our faces?
  3. Do the deals expire every 24 hours?
  4. Do you have between 1 and 3 daily deals?
  5. Does your website have a funky little countdown timer?
  6. Can we subscribe for email notifications of every day’s deals?
  7. Have you launched? (If you are just collecting email addresses, only paid advertising is available to you until you have launched)

Advertising options will be available later in the year.

If you think you meet the criteria, or want to talk about the advertising options you will have later in the year:


Sheldon Nesdale

22 thoughts on “How do I get my Daily Deal business on one of your lists?

  1. Hi sheldon,
    My new daily website is nearly up and running can you please put it on your website , it will have 1 main daily deal and then side deals also for restaurants, travel, accomodation, day spas etc etc
    kind regards
    jan Wykes

  2. Can you please include my site? It is a daily deal site wich sells anything we can get cheap enough , or stuff that we though was funny or cool. Please let me know

    • No. doesn’t meet the criteria because it demands an email address before I can see any deals. Not cool. I don’t trust you with my email address. You have to earn my trust, I don’t just give it away.

  3. My business partner, Blair, and I have recently started a daily deals site. is a daily deals site that offers flash deals (3-5 days) on awesome Etsy and boutique products! Please check it out. We also give 5% of every sale to a local breast cancer foundation. Blair was diagnosed at the age of 33 and we wanted to find a way to give back. We would appreciate being listed on your site.

  4. is one of those sites that has been around for a while but just stepped up it’s game. They have tons of local deals for all over the nation as well as tons of national deals and travel deals as well. Local daily deals vary based on location.

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